Baby to Be 4D Ultrasound Clinics are Melbourne’s premiere elective ultrasound providers. With 2 centre’s conveniently located in Caulfield and Frankston South we service the Greater Melbourne and Mornington Peninsula areas.

Baby to Be’s sole purpose is to introduce pregnant mother’s and their families and friends to their baby-to-be in utero. We use state of the art ultrasound technology so we can see your baby’s features, movements and facial expressions, all in real time.

Unlike traditional 2D black and white ultrasounds, our dedicated equipment uses a small motor to guide the ultrasound beam across a 3 dimensional plane. When the signal returns to the device from your baby, the software is able to reconstruct this 3D image and display it on our monitors. This is our 3D image.

When the software is able to construct these images multiple times a second; we can see the baby moving in real time. This is our 4D movie.

At Baby to Be, our specialty is our edited video in our combo package, where we tell the story of you and your baby’s visit to our luxurious rooms; all set to the music of your choice. It is a truly unique and special product and we promise that you will be thrilled with the results.