Have a Fantastic Experience with 3D/4D Ultrasound in Melbourne

Are you eager to see how your baby looks inside the womb? Then you have come to the right place. At Baby to Be, we provide parents-to-be with the opportunity of having a quick look of their unborn baby. We render our seamless ultrasound scan services in Melbourne and surrounding suburbs. Our range of services Include

  • Early Pregnancy scans
  • Early Gender scan
  • 3D ultrasound scan
  • 4d ultrasound scan

Early pregnancy scans:

Scans taken in between 12 and 20 weeks are indeed invaluable as it helps you with checking the growth, development and heartbeat of unborn baby. All the scans are performed by a professional sonographer with obstetric scanning experience. With early pregnancy scans, we will help you with identifying any miscarriage.

3D Ultrasound Scan:

Our 3D ultrasound in Melbourne is aimed towards parents who want to get closer with their unborn baby. With 3D scanning technique, the parents-to-be can have a look at the natural images of their baby. It can be extremely exciting for parents to see their baby for the first time while scanning is done. With 3d scanning, you can perceive the outline of your baby, the shape of its ears, eyes, nose and mouth. Of course, it all depends on the position of your baby at the time of scanning.

4D Ultrasound Scan:

With 4D ultrasound in Melbourne, you can see the realistic movements of your baby. With 4d scanning, we allow our clients to see 4D live images of their baby in the form of video. We also record the movements and images of your unborn baby on a CD that you can cherish for years to come.

Early Gender Scans:

If you can’t wait 9 full months to know the gender of your baby, then why don’t you take early gender scans? At Baby To Be, we use high precise machineries and equipments to produce accurate results in terms of predicting the gender. Instead of just capturing the images, we interpret them into videos to let you have clear understanding of your baby’s features.

Baby to Be understands that 3d/4d scan is a unique experience enjoyed by every parent-to-be. So, we have established a specialized scanning suite to ensure a pleasurable and relaxed scanning experience to all our clients. We use state of the art technology to capture videos and images in high definition that you can treasure forever.

We are located in Frankston South & Caulfield South and offer packages to suite every budget. So, what are you waiting for? Call us 03 9563 9461 and choose your package today!

4D Ultrasound Melbounre

Ultrasound in Pregnancy

What Is Ultrasound?

Ultrasound is an accepted and popular method of checking the health of an unborn baby while still in the womb, and has a vital role to play in identifying potential medical problems before birth. Using harmless high frequency sound waves, this advanced technology creates images of the baby in the womb and is considered to be the best non-invasive way to observe the development of the foetus. Medically, ultrasound scans are invaluable, however, there are other advantages to arranging an ultrasound. All new parents are excited about meeting their new baby for the first time, but now, thanks to Baby To Be’s 3D/4D ultrasound service in Melbourne, they no longer have to wait until after the birth. Baby To Be’s ultrasound specialists give parents one of the best experiences of 4D and 3D ultrasound Melbourne has to offer. These high quality images are so impressive and moving that it is easy to see why this type of service is becoming more and more popular.

Gender Identification
For many parents, finding out whether they are going to have a boy or a girl (Gender Scan) is a major part of bonding with their new arrival before birth. Baby To Be’s 3D/4D ultrasound service enables expectant parents to undergo scanning between 16 and 34 weeks, and gender can be identified from as early as 16 weeks into the pregnancy, allowing parents plenty of time to plan for their new son or daughter.

See Your Baby In Full Clarity
While a standard 2D ultrasound as performed by hospitals can enable professionals to identify any medical issues in the womb, they do not provide very clear images for parents to enjoy. Facial features cannot be seen and it can sometimes be difficult to identify any features at all, especially if the scan takes place at an early stage of the pregnancy. With Baby To Be’s ultrasound Melbourne, both 3D and 4D scans are available which allow parents to see clear features of their child. 3D scans enable parents to see a completely life-like image of their child, while the latest technology 4D scans helps parents to see their baby moving in real time. Features can be clearly defined, helping parents to know in advance just who their baby takes after!

Create Lasting Memories
When parents choose 3D 4D ultrasound Melbourne with Baby To Be, they will create memories that last a lifetime. Watching their baby moving in the womb is an experience never to be forgotten, and expectant mothers and fathers will cherish watching their baby suck its thumb, turn somersaults and even smile, all in real-time. With Baby To Be’s great value packages, parents can even take home an exclusive set of still images or a beautifully edited video of their scan so that they can relive the magical moments again and again, and eventually enjoy them with their child in the future. There is even the option to attend over two visits to show the progression and growth of their baby, which is all captured in images or as a movie.

With Two Convenient Locations in Frankston South & Caulfield South and packages to suit every budget , Baby to Be can make your dream come true. No doctor’s referral necessary. Call us now 03 9563 9461


A First Time Father’s Perspective September 2011

As a new father about to experience my first Father’s Day in the hot seat, I feel it is about time I talk about my experiences as a first time dad to help ease the concerns of all the fathers-to-be out there.

First let me introduce myself. My name is Elliott Rosenberg and I am the father of a beautiful 7 month old boy called Charlie. I am also the director of Baby to Be 4D Ultrasound Clinic, a business that specializes in showing expectant families their babies in high definition images while still in the womb. This position affords me the privilege of meeting many first time parents to be as they enter the final trimester of their pregnancies. I am also fortunate enough to have the time to get to know these families as we talk about their lives and the upcoming transition to parenthood.

One thing I have noticed that is common to many expectant parents is that the questions and concerns are always the same. I have also noticed that many of these issues are raised by fathers, the majority of whom (including myself pre-Charlie) have had absolutely no experience with babies whatsoever. So what I am going to do is raise a few of these points and try to put everyone’s mind at rest.

Not all babies are difficult

We have all heard stories about couples who have tricky babies. They cry all the time, don’t sleep, don’t eat, don’t like people, don’t like noise; pretty much don’t like anything. While these examples are often spoken of the loudest and fill singles and non-parents with dread, it is important to realize that not all babies are like this. Charlie was born a good sleeper, only rising once a night from birth and then often sleeping through till after 9:00 am. He ate when he was offered food, only cried when hungry or sleepy, loved being held and cuddled by everyone. In fact, a snap poll of my wife’s mother’s group has shown that all their babies are exactly the same.

You will know how to quiet your crying baby

Many of the first time fathers I speak to raise the same question. How do you know what the baby wants when it’s crying. I give them all the same advice that was offered to me by one of my colleagues who is now actively involved in the raising of her grandchildren. “Dahl’s” she said, “it’s not rocket science.” There is a checklist of things newborn babies need. If the first doesn’t work, go to the second, then the next. They are (in no particular order)


Burping (if just ate)

Soiled Nappy

Tired/Over tired

Need attention / cuddles

Occasionally, none of these issues are causing the baby distress and you won’t be able to settle him. This happens to the best of us. If this is the case, just get out the pram and go for a walk. Hopefully the weather will start to get better soon or you may find yourself taking a leisurely stroll in a thunderstorm.

It won’t end your social life

For the first 4 months of Charlie’s life, we were able to do nearly everything we had done before. In some ways we were even able to do more as my wife no longer had to work in the city so we could frequently go out for lunch during the week as well. Until he got too big, we just put him in his pram, and would wander down to our favourite restaurants and bars while he slept, blissfully unawares as to what was going on around him. Recently, he has gotten too big for this and likes to spend his nights in his comfortable cot so we have just had to put more emphasis on going out for nice lunches and afternoon drinks instead of going out in the evenings. Last week we spent Sunday afternoon enjoying a seafood lunch by the beach and followed it up by entertaining some friends over drinks at a bar. We followed it up with a spot of shopping for the wife and were home by 6PM. Sounds alright, doesn’t it?

You will clean up nappies

Baby poop is not like adult poop. It doesn’t smell anywhere near as bad and despite all appearances, is very easy to clean up, usually only requiring a couple of wet ones. A few things to note however; if you have a boy, you will get peed on. It’s going to happen, you can’t avoid it, but it’s nothing a quick change of clothes won’t fix. Similarly, after a number two, as you are removing the nappy and cleaning up the soiled area, make sure you have a firm grip on baby’s feet. Otherwise, before you know it, a foot has slipped out from you grasp, directly onto a poop stained nappy, resulting in much angst and swearing from you. (Although anyone watching will be in hysterics.)

Pay careful attention when putting on a fresh nappy and I cannot stress that enough. If you have a boy, make sure the penis is pointing down. Otherwise when your pride and joy pees, it shoots straight up over the absorbent bits of the nappy all over his singlet clothes or pyjamas. Everyone makes this mistake once.

What did take me a while longer to grasp was the necessity to ensure the nappy is worn high enough on Baby’s waist. If it is worn too low, the elastic around the legs becomes slack, leaving holes where pee can escape, soaking Baby’s trousers and resulting in extra work for you. (Or in my case, my wife because I just couldn’t get the damn things right.)

It will affect your sex life

Sadly, this one seems true. However, with returning to work, wanting to spend time with baby, more extended family time, tired partner, lack of opportunity, and lack of privacy, more often then not, you’re going to be too exhausted to care.

All in all, the old clichés are true – that once you have a baby you will not be able to imagine your life without them. – nor will you want to! Really take the opportunity to enjoy the pregnancy because it is the true start of an amazing new chapter in your family’s life.

Elliott Rosenberg is the owner of Baby to Be 4D Ultrasound Clinic and proud father of 7 month old Charlie. These twin roles afford Elliott an insight into the concerns, hopes and feelings of expectant first time fathers and he is happy and excited to share his recent experiences. Baby to Be 4D Ultrasound Clinic is a new and unique business concept specializing in 3D/4D pregnancy ultrasound clinic with the sole purpose of giving you an unforgettable introduction to the newest member of your family


How does a 3D/4D Ultrasound help a family bond with it’s baby? Aug 2010

For over 40 years, pregnant mothers have undertaken 2D diagnostic ultrasound tests to assess the babies growing inside them. While these scans are a necessary tool in the prenatal care of both mother and child, the resultant images are often difficult for the typical layperson to decipher. Recent advances in the field however, have made it possible to get a clear 3D picture of the baby inside the womb, easily recognizable to anybody watching the screen. These pictures can even be procured and displayed in real time, resulting in the oft-mentioned “4D ultrasound scans.” With the rising popularity of these scans throughout Australia and the rest of the world, it becomes relevant to examine how these scans can assist in the bonding of the family with their newest addition.

It is not uncommon for a mother to feel the instant bond between herself and the baby as soon as she realizes she is pregnant. It is therefore no surprise to realize that the images displayed by 3D /4D ultrasound will crystallize these feelings of love and protectiveness experienced by the mother. Some mother’s opt to return to our centre for a second and third visit just to see their baby change and grow before their eyes. This gives the mother feelings of joy and security as she can see the differences in the fetus develop over the weeks and months.

The 3D / 4D scans can also often clarify the end result of the pregnancy. Clearly seeing the baby’s face makes it more real as there is a tangible result visible on the big screen. Indeed, studies have confirmed that having these scans can cause the mother to take better of herself, discouraging substance abuse, giving up alcohol and cigarettes and taking better of herself in general. The reasons behind this is the realization that there is a real and vulnerable entity, who actually looks like a baby, inside the womb who deserves protection and the best shot at a healthy birth.

The scans can also give the mother something to focus on during the birthing process. Anecdotally, we have heard stories of mothers taking their 3D baby photos into the delivery suite to give them something to focus on during the pain of delivery. This again is indicative of the bonding benefits provided by the scans as it gives the mother the opportunity to concentrate on the end result and can alleviate some of the fear involved in labor.

For fathers, the bond with their yet to be born baby is not always as straight forward. While the mother has been carrying and nurturing the child throughout pregnancy, the father cannot physically experience these changes. The 3D / 4D scans provide fathers with their first real look at their baby, as they can see it sucking it’s thumb, yawning, or kicking it’s legs. The images presented can again crystallize the fact that the fetus is indeed real, with the appearance and movements of a baby who deserves to be loved and adored. The pictures give the father something tangible to love. Additionally, it is not uncommon to see couples holding hands and cuddling in the suite, indicating an additional benefit of increased bonding between mother and father.

In a similar vein, the scans can assist in the bonding between the siblings and baby. The images presented can also easily be discernable to young children, with a clearer understanding of what is growing inside mummy’s tummy. This can lead to a minimization of the apprehension and jealousy as the siblings feel involved and included in the pregnancy. Typically, the images are greeted with much excitement as siblings first cast their eyes on their brother or sister with kisses towards the monitor not being uncommon.

3D /4D ultrasound can also give families a memento of the pregnancy, which is especially appreciated by family members overseas who have not been able to share in the mother’s pregnancy. This can give the family member a sense of being involved and allow them to share in the joy and excitement, despite the fact they could not be there physically.

It is clear that the advent of 3D / 4D ultrasound technology is a beneficial option for parents to be in Australia and the rest of the world. With the bonding benefits it provides, as well as the joy and excitement experienced by parents and other family members, it’s popularity looks set only to increase.