2 Visit Package

Exactly as it sounds. Your choice of either the picture or movie packages (or one of each) done over two seperate visits. This is a fantastic way to see how your baby grows and changes over the weeks of your pregnancy.

Each visit is a full half hour appointment with gender determination being strictly optional

Combo Package

Our ultimate package gives you the best of both worlds. All scanning is done in 2D, 3D and 4D, with the best images saved onto CD, and all real time footage acquired, edited together, set to music and posted to you on DVD.

Scanning time usually runs for between 45- 60 minutes, with the CD of still images being ready for you to take home on the day, and the edited movie being posted to you a week later. A typical scan will usually result in between 40 and 70 images.

Gender determination is included, but strictly optional

Movie Package

This scan will show your baby moving in 2D, 3D and 4D. As we go through, your scan is recorded onto a DVD along with your choice of music.

Scanning usually takes around 25 minutes and discs will be posted to you a few days after your visit.

Gender determination is included, but strictly optional.

Picture Package

This package will show you your baby in 2D, 3D and 4D. As the scan progresses, we will save all the best still images onto a CD for you to take home. A typical scan will usually give you between 40 and 70 images.

Scanning usually takes around 25 minutes and the disc is ready for you to take home on the day.

Gender determination is included but strictly optional

Gender Package

Our gender Scan package can detect the sex of your baby from 17 weeks.

The scan is done in 2D as this gives us the most accurate indication with most scans usually lasting around 15 minutes.

Please note there is a $30 surcharge for twins