How it works

Online gift registry is easy to use, and we have put together the best online platform to meet your Baby Shower needs!


Get started by creating your Online Baby Shower Gift List. You will be able to customize everything. Upload your photos and get messages from the people you love. Everyone will love it!


Once your gift list and Online Baby Shower are ready, just choose an customized link and share it with your friends and family.


Receive all gifts in cash, straight to your account to spend whenever, wherever and however you want. Everything in a practical and safe way.

Best gift registry features

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  • Easy Setup

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    There is no limit, you can list as many items as you wish.

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    Either for your or your guests, our platform is soo(ooo) easy to use.

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    We're straighforward, no hidden fees.

  • 100% Cash

    Receive all your contributions in cash and spend wherever and whatever you want.

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